Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Second Base for the Yankees

A friend once said, when describing a job change he had made, "I went from playing second base for the Milwaukee Brewers to playing second base for the New York Yankees."  I understood the analogy, and as he continued to describe his new company he said things like:

  • Top to bottom they value their people.
  • I've never been involved with an organization that was all about the right things.
  • Every cent of my _____ will be with this company, not because I receive a discount but because of how strongly I feel about the company and what it stands for.
Needless to say I was envious.  At the time the only organization I had ever been associated with that made me feel that way was The Boomerang Project, and that was only as having attended one of their trainings to be a Link Crew Coordinator at the high school I was working at.  But I knew they were amazing, and eventually I was fortunate to be chosen to serve as one of their "coaches."  However that was a side-job, so while much of it gave me goose bumps it only represented 1/100th of my professional life, at most.  But I feel like I recently got traded...

This isn't to say anything negative about my previous work experiences.  I am proud to say that I've worked with countless dedicated, passionate and qualified people.  But Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District is the Yankees, and I'm honored to be a ball boy, if that's what they want of me.  The people I work with and for are incredible: inspirational, wondrously intelligent, funny, real, honest, passionate.  It truly is an amazing place to work, and I'm forever thankful for whatever landed me here. 

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